Your professional solution to your dogs health & behavioural issues!

Your professional solution to your dogs health & behavioural issues!

Your professional solution to your dogs health & behavioural issues!Your professional solution to your dogs health & behavioural issues!Your professional solution to your dogs health & behavioural issues!

Positive and practical ways of training

Reward-based and positive reinforcement methods followed by science-based standards.

How it all began

For over 12 years Chantelle has been extensively involved in the dog world, when she got her first dog as a child that's when her life changed... for the greater good!! Toby & Chantelle competed in Rally-O & had fun participating in Agility,  she then got Toby his Canine Good Neighbour certificate, while she did those things she was so in love with training and teaching her dog new tricks that it became a passion that came naturally to her, Time went on and Chantelle started volunteering for a rescue back home - fostering, rehabilitating, training, fundraising & rescuing dogs,  she has been involved with the rescue for over 8 years now, shortly after Chantelle got certified in pet grooming - she carried that out for 4 years in her own home. Finally it was moving time and she shut down her grooming business and went on to bigger better things/opportunities. Fast forward to now, Chantelle has 3 dogs of her own who she competes with in Dock Diving, Agility, Disc & has got many titles, her dogs even have their Trick Dog Titles, while still participating in many of the other sports her dogs love. Chantelle & her one dog before he passed away have performed with the SuperDogs & has gotten the opportunity to film in movies.

Since than her passion has sky rocketed to having her own business & helping people help their dogs in behavioural issues & just recently canine conditioning & canine massage in which she got certified for & opening up her own online retail store.

Chantelle is a Certified - CPPG, CCMT, CPCFT & is an approved FITDOG CLUB by AKC

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What our students have to say

Cynthia, Lexi & Ava Jagar

Meet Lexi (2 yr) & Ava (1 yr) .. two energetic golden retriever’s pups.


These two signed up with All Levels Canine Fitness & Trainingin January 2020.  

Don’t let the name ‘canine fitness & training’fool you! What it should say... ‘puppy basics’ for adults/children/families! 

The training has given me the confidence I needed within myself!

➢ Consultation was free – to see if it was what we & dogs needed.

➢ Registration was an easy process.

➢ Classes are weekly – and the environment was created forwhen the dogs realized where they were going, they couldn’t get there fast enough! This included online also.

➢ Some of the well organized activities included loose leash training, sitting, stay, down, recall and intro to nose work with positive reinforcement. 

➢ Generous time of 1-1 with Chantelle throughout the class if needed for trouble shooting while learning… and she would e-mail a recap of the class-again for success!➢ Another style of learning (which was new to me) was online!  Class comes together in a private room… it is a convenient and professional style of learning & Chantelle is still available for the 1-1 time.  

➢ In addition,… If you are curious about ‘Raw Dog Food’, Chantelle is the go to for this also!  

Throughout this Journey, I have learned to understand my dogs, their needs, and their cues so every day is a day for success! 

Chantelle is always available to answer any question you may have. 

-Cynthia Jagar


Suzanne & Cabot Shears

I reached out to Chantelle and All Levels Canine Fitness & Training to help me with our four-year-old golden retriever. Before training with Chantelle, our dog was reactive and difficult to walk, which was having impacts on our lives. No one wanted to walk him as he would lunge, bark, and snarl at every dog we encountered on our route whether they were in their yard, car or walking. It had gotten to the point where we would walk a known route because we knew where the dogs all lived.

Chantelle provided us with the tools to redirect our dog’s attention, having him engage and disengage on his trigger. We are now able to walk him without having any reactivity and walks are now more enjoyabl.

She was extremely knowledgeable, great to work with and was very patient in training us to be the best dog owners we could be. We would have no qualms in recommending Chantelle's services and we are so happy able to walk new neighbourhoods. 

Thank you,

Suzanne & Cabot 


Laurie & Maddi Turmel

They say that if you do what you love you will never work a day in your life. I can guarantee that Chantelle from All Levels Fitness Canine Training will never work a day in her life. 

I met Chantelle by pure luck, I had just gotten my 8 week old English Mastiff, Maddi, and I needed a babysitter for a night. My best friend Betty Ann recommended Chantelle. 

I called Chantelle and she was out of town,but that didn’t stop her from helping me out. She made a call and then got back to me to let me know that Maddi could be dropped off at a very safe home and she would pick her up as soon as she got back to town. Chantelle made sure she called me the minute she had Maddi to let me rest assured she had been picked up. 

From that day on a friendship started with myself, Maddi and Chantelle. I can honestly say that I have been the biggest challenge of a puppy owner Chantelle has ever encountered. I have depression and some days were just not good with a new puppy. I called Chantelle numerous times at my lowest moments and she was either there to take Maddi for a walk or outing, or she just talked to me on the phone until I felt better and more positive. 

Chantelle has ALWAYS put Maddi first. She has come on days I am sure she was exhausted from taking care of her sick young child, on days when the weather was freezing cold, and on days when I am sure she had other plans. She has helped me train Maddi to be the beautiful dog she is today. 

I see how excited Maddi is when Chantelle drives up, and how exhausted she is when she gets dropped off. There are always beautiful photos sent of Maddi’s time on the hike playing with her friends. Chantelle even took Maddi on an adventure to the Pet Expo for 3 days, so above and beyond what is expected of her. 

When Maddi is not feeling well I know I can call Chantelle and she will give me her advice on how to help her feel better. She recommends the best food and nutrition for Maddi to make sure she is getting the vitamins and nutrients she needs. She even picks up the food in Vancouver and delivers it. 

Chantelle is a blessing to me, to Maddi and to the many other dog owners in our community. I would recommend having her take your puppy out for hikes while you are busy at work. I am sure she will even go to your house and pick them up and drop them off as well as training!

We all know how important our pets are to our family, they are family. And we want only what is best for them, being with someone you can trust. I would recommend Chantelle to anyone. She  will love your dog as much as you do, and that is a quality that is very rare these days.


Kathy & Tigger Heywood

Before enrolling in ALCFT online courses, I was trying to raise my Duck Toller the same way as my first one.  Tigger is only my second dog, and I thought, if my training worked for one dog, it must work for another.  I could not have been more wrong.  ALCFT allowed me to get back on the right track with training Tigger.  We took a nosework/scent course and an obedience (work on troubled areas) course. The nosework went great.  Chantelle is patient and knowledgeable, and she took us through the progression of basic scent training.  Tigger now has an amazing tell/indication and we look forward to taking it to the next level.  As for his obedience, Tigger was running out of the car and following the path we just drove (even out on to the street sometimes)—scary stuff.  Chantelle helped us focus on triggers and distractions, which now allows Tigger to safely leave the car with bolting in the opposite direction. Triggers are big in Tigger’s life, and Chantelle has been working with me to watch his behaviour and learn when Tigger is getting too close to his “point of no return.”  We spend hours each day out walking, and I learn by watching Tiggera body language and how he reacts in certain situations.  Now, we successfully pass by the triggers, and as a result, we have more calm and enjoyable walks With no more pulling. Thanks so much Chantelle.  We are looking forward to our next class with you!


Brittany & Mila Rodney

 I would like to thank you for giving us the tools and encouragement to help Mila be able to walk in the park calmly by other dogs and squirrels!! We have seen progress and we are proud of seeing our hard work in her. We couldn't have done it without your expertise!

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